Puppies - 2015 litter

Haureole and Jupiler are the parents of our first litter of 10 Beauceron puppies born  26th January 2015.


Click here to view the puppies at 13 days old ~ and here to see them at 20 days ~ and here at 27 days - what a difference a week makes.


Here are the puppies at 6 weeks old and finally at 7 weeks here  so full of mischief!


We are Kennel Club Assured Breeders and our puppies are bred first and foremost as family pets. Our dogs have sound temperaments, adults are fully health tested and have excellent conformation. Our puppies are Kennel Club registered and before leaving us they have their 1st Vaccination, microchip, regular worming and checks with our own vet. Puppies will come with 4 weeks insurance, a 3 generation pedigree certificate, diet sheet, a supply of food and a lifetime of advice. Puppies have a sales contract and KC registration will be fully endorsed. Endorsements will only be removed once the dog is two years old and has been hip scored and eye tested. Our puppies, as with all our dogs, live in our home and are fully socialised.


If you have any questions about our future litters or want to come and meet our adult dogs please email us [email protected]



Importing a puppy from Europe - To enter the UK a puppy has to have received his Rabies vaccination at 3 months and have a pet passport. Only after a further 3 weeks have elapsed and the puppy has been wormed can it enter the UK. If you are offered a puppy for sale that has been imported from Europe and it is less than 16 weeks (approx. 4 months) old it will be in the UK illegally and will not have been vaccinated for Rabies. If anyone is aware of, or has information about anyone bringing puppies to the UK underage, we urge you to report this to the police by ringing 101.


DSC_0873 (Copy) DSC_0920 (Copy) DSC_0075 (Copy) DSC_0133 DSC_0315 Remy Scarlet & Hazard Rocky Puppy paw Edith4 (Copy)